Saturday, July 16, 2011

Pill full of Sugar!!!

After starting the day got really good after I went to check my mail.  I have been eyeing Sugarpill Cosmetics for a while and every time I went on their site the buring heart palette was sold out.  I asked to be notified and when they did I was on it like gum to my shoe. hahaha
I did some swatches for you all you lovelies: 
The purple (Poison Plum), red (Love +), and the orange (Flamepoint) are highly pigmented.  As far as the yellow (Buttercupcake) I  needed to swatch it  several times to have the color but that is okay because yellow in general is very hard to work with. 

This is what came in the box:

Came wrapped in a hot pink cute is that.  I am totally keeping the paper.  It also came with a sticker, a sample loose eyeshadow in magentric (hot pink color with sparkles!!)

My Heart is buring for this

I especially liked that on my invoice they said thank you and with love Amy!!!  Thank you Amy

I am so happy with my Sugarpill cosmetics palette. I cannot wait to get creative with it.

BIG hugs, much love and we will see ya later,


  1. I haven't tried sugarpill yet but it looks great!

  2. I bought both the burning heart quad and the sweetheart quad w/ the black eyeshadow single... I'm so in love w/ the quality!