Sunday, July 3, 2011

Dream, Dream away!

I'm always being told, "You are such a dreamer".  "You can never seem to focus on one thing", and I am even given the run down of my list of faded dreams.
  1. learn how to do artifical nails and nail art
  2. Design my own clothing line or t-shirt line
  3. be a photographer
  4. My most recent: NOW my dream of makeup
I see it like this, I love to dream!!!!  Dreams are where everything starts.  All we see around us was a dream someone had at one point in there life.  My dreams are a form of my artistic vision.  They all coincide.  Nails and nail art, makeup, photography = art!

Don't stop dreaming.  When you stop dreaming you stop believing that anything is this life is possible. NEVER lose your child like innocence.  Remember when we were kids we would lay down outside in the lawn or in the back of your dads pick up just staring up at the sky and begin to dream.  As we get older we stop dreaming because we get caught up in our everyday lives.  I constantly tell myself man I wish I was a kid again and I bet you do too.

Keep dreaming no matter what people tell you.  I will be dreaming right along with you!!!!!!

BIG Hugs, Much love, and happy dreaming.

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