Sunday, June 16, 2013

Happy Fathers’ Day and Day #3


First of all I would like to wish all the Daddy’s out there a Happy Fathers’ Day!!!! May God bless your journey and for those who’s daddy’s are in heaven they are an angel taking of you. 

I have always been a daddy’s  girl and will continue to be!!!

Okay day 3 on the master cleanse was a bit difficult because they BBQ ! here at my the house.  There guacamole, rice, salsa, grilled chicken and carne asada (insert drool) The smell of the grilled onion was mouth watering buy I am very proud of myself I just smelled them and kept to my cleanse.  I am feeling amazing.  I can see in my face that I have lost some weight.  Even though weight loss is part of it this is not the number 1 reason why I am doing this cleanse.  I am doing it because my body has been asking for me take better care of it and it’s time that I do so.  I am doing this cleanse to detoxify my body and to start on a life journey of healthy food and exercise. 

Today I much better I have more energy.  My headaches are gone.  I am still feeling hungry although is less now.  I did an adjustment to the sea salt flush that I drink on an empty stomach in the morning because I counldn’t drink it.  I still leave a bit at the bottom but with less sea salt that I added it much better.  Tomorrow is Monday and I go back to work so we will see how it goes. 

Time to go to sleep my loves,

As always I send you all BIG HUGS, much love and we will talk to you later..




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