Saturday, June 15, 2013

Day #2 baby


This is day 2 of the master cleanse and let me just say I am feeling okay.  In the mornings I feel great.  I am not hungry, usually I start to feel hungry in the afternoon around 1 o’clock.  This day 2 was nothing like my first day.  I was starving all

My symptoms or what I have been feeling today are the following:

1. I still feel a bit tired

2. slight headache and it’s late here and I still have it.  It’s not that bad but I still have it

3. My muscles feel sore.  They feel like I have been working them out and they are just sore and tired.

4. My teeth hurt a tad…I wonder it that normal?

5.My tongue is probably the worst of all….it’s gross I have like this build up on it..that is just nasty.  I have scraped my tongue I don’t know how many times..I know it’s part of the detox.

6. I had a hard time concentrating.

On a good note because it’s not all bad, I am feeling really good.  This cleanse has made me start listening even more to my body.  I am starting to feel much better and I know from here on it’s going to get better.

I am just taking it one day at a time and not looking ahead.  I know that before I know it I will be at my 10 day mark!!!


The journey continues,

I send you all BIG HUGS, much love, and we will see you later, your cyber friend,


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